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Online Payment Available for School and Transportation Fees

Online Payment Available for School and Transportation Fees | Black Gold Regional Schools

Black Gold School Fee Payment Just Got Easier!Online payments are available for all school and transportation fees through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Parents can pay all of their children’s school fees through a secure online website.

If you do not have a PowerSchool Parent account please contact your school for information on how to set up an account.

Please click below on the Acorn Online Payment Parent Guide for instructions on how to log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and pay school fees online.

Online Payment Available for School and Transportation Fees | Black Gold Regional Schools

About Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 Transportation Fees

  • Transportation Fees for 2015 – 2016 School Year can be found here.
  • New this year, Black Gold Regional School Division is implementing student scan cards for all students riding a school bus.
  • There will be a $25.00 scan card fee and this fee along with all other transportation fees can now be paid online.
  • Black Gold Regional Division is implementing this fee, as BGRD only receives funding for transportation of students. BGRD does not receive additional funding for extra security measures.
  • Not sure what transportation fees apply to your family?
    • Families can go to their PowerSchool login and apply for transportation and the appropriate applicable fees can be seen.
    • Instructions on how to login can be found here.

About Scan Cards

  • Why Scan Cards?
    • Scan cards help BGRD create a secure environment for all student riders.
    • Allows for the BGRD to have access to accurate and timely information in order to account for all students on the bus instantly.
    • In the event of a missing student, the system will know where the student was last – and when.
    • If the child gets on a different bus or gets off at a different stop, the system will be able to locate them faster.
    • Once students get used to scanning their card on the bus, the system will be able to send a message to the parent when their child gets on and off the bus, which is important to some parents and those parents can choose to have that service.
    • Next fall, BGRD will be ready to go to the web based GPS bus system where parents may log in and see where their child’s school bus is in advance of it coming to their home.  Especially important on inclement weather days.
  • What if Child Does Not Have Their Card on Them?
    • No child will be left in a driveway.
    • If the student does not have their card on them, they will be asked to bring it the next day and failing that, a call home to the parent will be made.
    • However, students who do not start the school year with a scan card will not be added to a school bus route and will not be on the driver’s list for pick up.