Calmar Secondary School


Calmar Secondary Collegiate School

A collegiate school offers specialized programming in a particular subject or field, and provides all students with a clear pathway into post-secondary education and careers in their chosen field, whether in the skilled trades route or other pathways.

The primary focus of the Calmar Secondary Collegiate School will be to provide students the opportunity to complete their first period apprenticeship training and related work/registered apprenticeship program placements as part of their high school graduation. The school will continue to provide excellent academic programming as well as providing specialized programming for students in grades 7-12 for careers in the skilled trades (enhanced career explorations, work experience and/or registered apprenticeship programs). 

In the first year, the focus will be on carpentry, electrical and plumbing. Grade 12 students enrolled in the trades pathway will work on projects such as bunkies (small cabins under 108 sq. ft.) and eventually tiny houses, which will be marketed to local communities.

Calmar Secondary Collegiate School will continue to offer a full range of academic programming. Students who choose not to pursue the skilled trades pathway can take courses in business, finance, management and entrepreneurship; fine arts and design studies; sports; technology, and more. They will also play a central role in marketing the projects made in-house.

Construction on the new school addition is planned for Spring 2024, and the facility is expected to be complete in September 2025.