Calmar Secondary School


Calmar Secondary Collegiate School


Fall 2025

  • To offer a trades-based program, we will be building an addition to the school as seen here
  • Our facility will break ground in Spring 2024 and be completed around the same time the following year
  • The program will open Fall of 2025

  • Part of the Collegiate model is the fostering of partnerships to support career pathways.
  • These partnerships will be focused on several areas:
    • Post Secondary Institutions
    • Trades Organizations
    • Community organizations
    • Industry
  • Through these partnerships we will be able to provide industry-standard instruction, Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) placements for Collegiate participants, and Pre-employment training within a trade of choice.

  • It is imperative for both students and industry that students can achieve both a trade certification and strong academic programming.
  • To this end, we will be creating a program that will allow students to access the Collegiate while achieving an Alberta High School Diploma at the same time.
  • In some career pathways, this will mean accessing alternative programming/summer school courses.
  • On the next slide, you can see an example pathway. That said, everyone’s personal pathway will be different.

  • Calmar will have a unique facility and at times students from other centers will be interested in attending. In this instance, Black Gold’s policy surrounding the School of Choice will be adhered to.
  • We would like to recognize the importance of the home community to these students as well.
  • To this end, we will create a pathway that can be followed at other schools leading to students only needing to attend Calmar for their pre-employment term (12 weeks) in their grade 12 year.

  • This will be a unique program and will require students to be prepared academically and personally to enter into a fast-paced learning environment.
  • Academically, students must be able to be successful in courses that support their success in their pre-employment phase (1st-year apprenticeship training)  as well as the requirements of future employment and training.
  • Personally, students will be expected to be students in good standing both at school and on RAP sites supported by their Collegiate placement.

  • An opportunity to complete first-year apprenticeship training in one of the aforementioned trades.
  • Numerous micro-credentials related to industry. H2S, Confined Spaces, Fall Protection etc.
  • RAP placement in preferred trade.
  • Access to an indoor facility where larger builds can be completed throughout the school year. (Calmar site)
  • Instruction by journeypeople. (Calmar site)

Feel free to contact:

  • Justin Klaassen – Calmar Secondary School Principal