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As an important component of basic education in Alberta Secondary Schools, CTS focuses on the Technical and Trades Education of the student.  CTS programs offer packages of one-credit modules with specific Learner Expectations established at the beginning of the modules, which must be achieved and demonstrated by the end of the module.  Each module is approximately 25 hours in length and there can be 5 or more modules in a 5 credit time block.  If a student has a lot of initiative, they can achieve more than 5 credits in a 5 credit time block.  However, if students do not take responsibility for their own program, they may not achieve the expected credits.

Introductory Level modules help students build daily living skills and form the basis for further learning.  Introductory modules (100 Level) are developed for students who have no previous experience in the strand.  Intermediate modules (200 Level) help students build on the competencies developed at the introductory level and focus on developing more complex competencies.  They provide a broader perspective, helping students recognize the wide range of related career opportunities available within the strand.  Advanced modules (300 Level) demand a higher level of expertise and help prepare students for entry in the work place or a related post-secondary program.

Integrated throughout CTS are employability skills, personal management development and the development of social skills.  Personal management skills are improved as students take increased responsibility for the learning, design innovative solutions to problems or challenges, and manage resources effectively and efficiently.  Student’s social skills improve through learning experiences that require them to work effectively with others, demonstrate teamwork and leadership, and maintain high standards in safety and accountability.  Employability skills are achieved by the student as they progress through the module.  The Module Learner Expectations are solely the responsibility of the students; therefore, their success is dependent on their management and organizational abilities.

The CTS program includes five clusters:

  1. Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)
  2. Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)
  3. Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)
  4. Natural Resources (NAT)
  5. Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)